Art classes continue on Monday mornings from 10 – noon at the Pastoral Centre, Church Road, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary.
 Absolute beginners especially welcome, including those who “can’t draw to save my life”, as well as the more experienced.
 Includes (but not limited to): Painting and Drawing. (Also, Portfolio preparation for Art College if required).
 For further information please contact Richard: Phone: 087 963 8976 (No private numbers please, thanks).

E mail:

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Declaration of Copyright Trademark.

I am known by the name: ©Richard Joseph: Williams, Creditor, Trustee, Secure Party, Author of the Copyright Name Trademark Claim autograph(s) RICHARD JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, Richard Williams™, Richard Joseph Williams™, Richard JOSEPH Williams™, Richard J Williams™, Richard J. Williams™, Mr. Richard Williams™, Mr. Richard Joseph Williams™, Mr. Richard JOSEPH Williams™, Mr. Richard J Williams™, Mr. Richard J. Williams™, Mr. R. Joseph Williams™, Mr. R. JOSEPH Williams™, Mr. R Joseph Williams™, Mr. R JOSEPH Williams™, Mr Richard Williams™, Mr Richard Joseph Williams™, Mr Richard JOSEPH Williams™, Mr Richard J Williams™, Mr Richard J. Williams™, Mr R. Joseph Williams™, Mr R. JOSEPH Williams™, Mr R Joseph Williams™, Mr R JOSEPH Williams™, MR. Richard Williams™, MR. Richard Joseph Williams™, MR. Richard JOSEPH Williams™, MR. Richard J Williams™, MR. Richard J. Williams™, MR. R. Joseph Williams™, MR. R. JOSEPH Williams™, MR. R Joseph Williams™, Mr. R JOSEPH Williams™, MR Richard Williams™, MR Richard Joseph Williams™, MR Richard JOSEPH Williams™, MR Richard J Williams™, MR Richard J. Williams™, MR R Joseph Williams™, MR R JOSEPH Williams™, MR R. Joseph Williams™, MR R. JOSEPH Williams™, Mr. Williams™, Mr. R. Williams™, Mr. R. J. Williams™, Mr. R J. Williams™, Mr. R. J Williams™, Mr Williams™, Mr R. Williams™, Mr R. J. Williams™, Mr R J. Williams™, Mr R. J Williams™, Mr R Williams™, Mr R J Williams™, MR. Williams™, MR. R. Williams™, MR. R. J. Williams™, MR. R J. Williams™, MR. R. J Williams™, MR Williams™, MR R. Williams™, MR R. J. Williams™, MR R J. Williams™, MR R. J Williams™, MR R Williams™, MR R J Williams™, R. Williams™, R Williams™, R. J. Williams™, R. J Williams™, R J. Williams™, R J Williams™, R. Joseph Williams™, R. JOSEPH Williams™, R Joseph Williams™, R JOSEPH Williams™, RICHARD WILLIAMS™, RICHARD JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, RICHARD Joseph WILLIAMS™, RICHARD J WILLIAMS™, RICHARD J. WILLIAMS™, MR. RICHARD WILLIAMS™, MR. RICHARD JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, MR. RICHARD Joseph WILLIAMS™, MR. RICHARD J WILLIAMS™, MR. RICHARD J. WILLIAMS™, MR. R. JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, MR. R. Joseph WILLIAMS™, MR. R JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, MR. R Joseph WILLIAMS™, MR RICHARD WILLIAMS™, MR RICHARD JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, MR RICHARD Joseph WILLIAMS ™, MR RICHARD J WILLIAMS™, MR RICHARD J. WILLIAMS™, MR R. JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, MR R JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, Mr. RICHARD WILLIAMS™, Mr. RICHARD JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, Mr. RICHARD Joseph WILLIAMS™, Mr. RICHARD J WILLIAMS™, Mr. RICHARD J. WILLIAMS™, Mr. R. JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, Mr. R. Joseph WILLIAMS™, Mr. R JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, Mr. R Joseph Williams™, Mr RICHARD WILLIAMS™, Mr RICHARD JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, Mr RICHARD Joseph WILLIAMS™, Mr RICHARD J WILLIAMS™, Mr RICHARD J. WILLIAMS™, Mr R. JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, Mr R. Joseph WILLIAMS™, Mr R JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, Mr R Joseph WILLIAMS ™, MR. WILLIAMS™, MR. R. WILLIAMS™, MR. R. J. WILLIAMS™, MR. R J. WILLIAMS™, MR. R. J WILLIAMS™, MR R WILLIAMS™, MR R J WILLIAMS™, Mr. WILLIAMS™, Mr. R. WILLIAMS™, Mr. R. J. WILLIAMS™, Mr. R J. WILLIAMS™, Mr. R. J WILLIAMS™, Mr R WILLIAMS™, Mr R J WILLIAMS™, R. WILLIAMS™, R WILLIAMS™, R. J. WILLIAMS™, R. J WILLIAMS™, R J. WILLIAMS™, R J WILLIAMS™, R. JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, R. Joseph Williams™, R JOSEPH WILLIAMS™, R Joseph WILLIAMS™, Richard WILLIAMS™, Richard Joseph WILLIAMS ™, Richard J WILLIAMS ™, Richard J. WILLIAMS ™, Mr. Richard WILLIAMS ™, Mr. Richard Joseph ™, Mr. WILLIAMS Richard J Williams™, Mr. Richard J. Williams™, Mr. R. Joseph Williams™, Mr. R Joseph WILLIAMS ™, Mr Richard WILLIAMS ™,

Mr Richard Joseph WILLIAMS ™, Mr Richard J WILLIAMS ™, Mr Richard J. WILLIAMS ™, Mr R. Joseph WILLIAMS ™, Mr R Joseph WILLIAMS ™, MR. Richard WILLIAMS ™, MR. Richard Joseph WILLIAMS™, MR. Richard J WILLIAMS ™, MR. Richard J. WILLIAMS ™, MR. R. Joseph WILLIAMS ™, MR. R Joseph WILLIAMS™, MR Richard WILLIAMS ™, MR Richard Joseph WILLIAMS ™, MR Richard J WILLIAMS ™, MR Richard J. WILLIAMS ™, MR R Joseph WILLIAMS™, MR R. Joseph WILLIAMS ™ R. JOSEPH Williams™, RICHARD Williams™, RICHARD JOSEPH Williams™, RICHARD J Williams™, RICHARD J. Williams™, MR. RICHARD Williams™, MR. RICHARD JOSEPH Williams ™, MR. RICHARD J Williams ™, MR. RICHARD J. Williams ™, MR. R. JOSEPH Williams ™, MR. R JOSEPH Williams™, MR RICHARD Williams ™, MR RICHARD JOSEPH Williams ™, MR RICHARD J Williams ™, MR RICHARD J. Williams ™, MR R. JOSEPH Williams™, MR R JOSEPH Williams ™, Mr. RICHARD Williams ™, Mr. RICHARD JOSEPH Williams ™, Mr. RICHARD J Williams ™, Mr. RICHARD J. Williams ™, Mr. R. JOSEPH Williams ™, Mr. R JOSEPH Williams ™, Mr RICHARD Williams ™, Mr RICHARD JOSEPH Williams ™, Mr RICHARD J Williams ™, Mr RICHARD J. Williams ™, Mr R. JOSEPH Williams, ™ Mr R JOSEPH Williams ™, R. JOSEPH Williams ™, R JOSEPH Williams ™, (or any derivatives thereof), HEREBY ATTEST THAT, I am competent and capable of handling my private and commercial affairs in my full capacity as Agent for the RICHARD JOSEPH WILLIAMS™(or any derivatives thereof), and will enforce with prejudice any Copyright Name Trademark Claim infringements. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. WITHOUT PREJUDICE.

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Circa Art Magazine

My degree show work has been reviewed for Circa Art Magazine (Click on link)

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Society of the spectacle

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Light Art Biennale

One of my video works has been accepted for the inaugural ‘ Light Art Biennale ‘ in Austria.
The start of the Biennale will be September 1st 2010 in Linz (OÖ); September 4th 2010 in Perchtoldsdorf (NÖ), with a final exhibition in Vienna in November 2010.

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RDS Student Art Awards

I got great news (T.G.) my ‘drawing’ has been accepted for the RDS Student Art Awards Exhibition. The exhibition runs from 4th-12th August at the RDS. Some of the works in the exhibition will then travel to the Island Arts Centre, Lisburn, Northern Ireland from September 4 to October 7, and the Linehall Arts Centre, Castlebar, Co. Mayo from November 5-26. Due to space restrictions at these two venues, they will let me know in due course whether my work will be going to them.
The RDS Student Art Awards preview and and prize-giving ceremony will take place on Thursday, July 29th at 6.30 pm, in the RDS Concert Hall (entrance via Merrion Road).

Drawing Machine Marks

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These photographs are stills taken from a video of a performance piece I did in Catherine Street Limerick. I have to admit I was a little calculating about the time and location for the performance; the Spiritstore (under the umbrella of EV+A ?) were having an arts gig event in Catherine Street that day. The title of the work is ‘Society of the Spectacle’. Apparently, the work is going to be reviewed in Circa Art magazine within the coming weeks.  More of my student work can be viewed on

I am PRO for the Art in the Making group; check it out on

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